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Our Step Down Service Rosemary House

At Goddess Living, we believe that women with mental health issues leaving hospital require a seamless transition and a specialist therapeutic, safe environment for them to recover at their own pace.

Goddess Living Creative Care services

We accept mental health customers  who are preparing for discharge from an inpatient unit, as a transitional service to support them as they prepare to return to living in the community (step down). The service provides 4 beds in an open, co-living home-like environment, with 24 hour staffing, including clinical support.

We are proud to have created an environment which is as family-like as possible, which promotes rehabilitation, building relationships and community integration. Each individual will have their personal key worker to support them with their individual needs. 

Our Benefits

People Can and Do Recover From Mental Health

We believe and statistics show that people can and do recover from mental ill health. Goddess Living Provides The Right Care, Right Supported Housing, Right Alternative To Inpatient Treatment. 

Our service is designed for women to recover and stay well and live as independently as possible within our homes to ensure independence can be managed in the long term. We do this by following our person centred model of GODDESS Framework. 

                                     GODDESS stands for:


GREATER CONTINUITY OF CARE for women with ongoing mental health conditions and more coordinated care for those with the most complex needs.

OUT OF HOSPITAL COORDINATED PLANNING to  improve the discharge process to facilitate the transfer of an individual from hospital to our therapeutic environment.

DIGNITY IN MENTAL HEALTH SETTINGS Promote  person centred care,  ensure that their human rights are protected at a time when their capacity, autonomy, choice and control may be compromised.

DEVOTED TO IMPROVING MENTAL ILLNESS Exercise community support and  interventions to improve nutrition, health and wellbeing, housing and education to reduce mental health problems. 

EMPOWER WOMEN TO HAVE MORE CONTROL over their care packages, promote out of hospital care and better patient experience along with the removal of formal or informal barriers to services.

SAFE AND SUSTAINABLE cost effective step up and step down service that reduces financial pressures,  increases  independence  and maximises the benefit to the health of our patients, society and the environment.

SHIFT INPATIENT TREATMENT to  intermediate care and accommodation in home from home therapeutic environments in their communities. 


The purpose of Goddess Living  is to focus on the needs of each individual. We work in partnership with Social Care agencies ensuring that the well-being of each woman is paramount. Primarily, Goddess Living  offers personal care and support to women with complex mental health needs in an effort to redress the imbalance and discrimination that some may have faced by being a part of the “dependent” community, and at times added to this, racism and negative stereotyping of sexuality, which is unfortunately a reality for many women today. We deliver truly person-centred support solutions that provide independence and happiness.

For more information, or to make a referral for our supported homes please get in touch with our referrals team on info@goddessliving.co.uk