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Referrals and Admissions


To make a referral contact us at info@goddessliving.co.uk, referrals come to us from family members, social workers, The Local Authority and other care agencies. When you contact us you will be speaking with our team who have full knowledge about our service so you will be in safe hands to discuss the needs of your client or family member. 

Once we receive the referral we will complete a pre admission person centered assessment to review  their needs, abilities, risks to determine if our service would bring about the best possible outcomes. Our assessments are designed to support the needs of the whole person to ensure that each placement will be successful and  increase their independence and live a rewarding life. 

Our team works with clients referring team and family to ensure a seamless and successful referral, assessment and transition into one of our Homes.

Email info@goddessliving.co.uk or call Tara Neale on 07398 395425


The Women we accept into one of our homes must be  25-65 with a primary diagnosis of trauma related psychosis. For our Step Down service they must have a history of  being treated in a secure psychiatric hospital, residential care home, prison service and have a history of challenging behaviours. Our Step Up service is for women with mental health conditions who need intensive interventions but do not need to be admitted to hospital. This service is for women who are living in the community who are experiencing an escalation in symptoms and need a short stay in a residential rehabilitation program to avoid hospitalisation.

When we receive a referral, the individual’s care needs are reviewed and if we believe we’re able to provide the right support and treatment, our manager will get in touch to complete our person centred assessment which is designed for individuals to achieve the most positive outcomes. 

We take into consideration the whole person for suitability for our homes’ their health and well being needs, their family, their likes, dislikes, where they would like to live and what’s important to them.

The assessment process is in-depth to ensure that all involved in the individual’s care will have confidence that the placement will meet their individual needs and be a success.

Commissioners will then ask for the assessment, ensure its suitability and value and will make the final decision for funding the placement. 

To find out more about referrals & admissions please contact us on  info@goddessliving.co.uk or call 07398 395425

Visit Our Homes

We encourage social workers, carers, individuals and families to visit our homes following the assessment if we have an available placement. This will allow you to meet the manager and Goddess care professionals, you will be able to have an informal chat and look around and get a feel for if the placement would be right for the individual. 

Funding Your Placement

Once the assessment and initial visit is complete and it’s agreed that the placement will meet the individual’s care needs, we will provide a costing to the commissioning authority to be reviewed by the funding panel. If agreed, the placement is confirmed. 

Each Local authority has their own eligibility criteria, based on the national criteria outlined in the Care Act. They Complete a Care Needs Assessment (CNA) to discuss your care and support needs and help you maintain your well-being and independence. The decision is based on the results of the assessment. 

The local authority confirms how it will meet your  needs in a Care and Support Plan, which sets out what services will be provided and when they will be provided.


Once the placement and funding is approved we begin the transition process which should be as seamless as possible and individuals understand the continuum of their care. Firstly we will arrange a discharge planning meeting and a transition plan which will include the service manager, family and anyone else that is involved in the clients care. We plan the transition together so that our customer is as comfortable as possible.

For more information, or to make a referral for our supported homes please contact our referrals team at info@goddessliving.co.uk or speak to Tara Neale The Service Manager on 07398 395425