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Local Authorities and CCGs

We work in partnership with Local Authorities, commissioners, providers of support, investors & developers and people with complex support needs to develop creative, transformative and cost effective homes with care to support vulnerable women with mental health conditions nationwide.

Goddess Living was founded by Vicky and Robert Chittock to provide a personalised and creative approach to housing, care, support and supervision for women with complex mental health needs. We believe that everyone should have the right to access the right housing and the right care and support for their needs and exercise control and choice over how their housing, health and social care is received.

We believe when people choose the right living environment and have control of their lives they move from being dependent to independent to interdependent. We believe that working together towards a common goal with customers, their families and support networks, local authorities and the CCGs is the pathway to integrated support and success for women.

This also means that women with complex mental health needs would need less support or it could be provided more effectively which will in turn save social care commissioners money. 

Co-living in a supported environment in Wolverhampton is what some people with mental health challenges need and want so that they have help to manage their own tenancy and achieve greater freedom and control in their lives. But there isn’t enough specialist housing and they often have to go out of  area to expensive placements which then leads to social isolation and strained family relationships because of a lack of alternatives.

Goddess Living aims to be the solution to this problem, we provide care and housing to people with complex needs which allows our customers to be in the right environment with the right care and support. Enabling them to have more choice and control and independence therefore living more fulfilled lives. 

We’d love the opportunity to discuss your needs. 

Please contact us at info@goddessliving.co.uk 

View Our Step Down

Goddess Living as a Step Down Service

Goddess Living Care Services accepts mental health customers who are preparing for discharge from an inpatient unit. As well as women with mental health conditions who need intensive interventions but do not need to be admitted to hospital. Our transitional service is to support them as they prepare to return to living in the community. We currently have 8 beds available in a co-living, home-from home environment, with 24 hour staffing, including clinical support.