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About Us

Goddess Living provides a supported accommodation for vulnerable women and also women who have been discharged from hospital.  We provide intermediate care accommodation in a home from home environment. Our ambition is to empower women with long-term mental health conditions to receive specialist care in a supported therapeutic home environment.

Our Goddess care professionals work alongside the customer, to identify and remove barriers causing extended stays in hospital. They will have support from care staff to prevent readmission in both the short and long term within our homes to ensure independence can be managed in the long term, supporting timely hospital discharge. Our customer-centred approach to hospital discharge will reduce length of stay and prevention of re-admissions to hospital. We practice integrated discharge planning which involves collaboration with hospital services, GPs, public health nurses and other community services.

We also ensure the best network of health, social care and informal support is in place for our customers. We are staffed by mental health care professionals who not only help women at the point of crisis, but reduce social isolation helping them to maintain their mental health. 

Goddess Living also has a 24-hour step down supported living service with care for women who have complex and enduring trauma related mental health conditions, 18 plus years of age who are preparing to live independently. Goddess Living  offers a sensitive environment that enables women to take control of their own lives. This may then help them live appropriately in the community. Goddess Living prides itself on being diverse and accepts all women who have trauma related mental health conditions from various religious, cultural, ethnic and sexual orientation backgrounds.


The Goddess Framework

Personalised and Tailored Care

The purpose of Goddess Living  is to focus on the needs of each individual. We work in partnership with Social Care agencies ensuring that the well-being of each woman is paramount. Primarily, Goddess Living  offers personal care and support to women with complex mental health needs in an effort to redress the imbalance and discrimination that some may have faced by being a part of the “dependent” community, and at times added to this, racism and negative stereotyping of sexuality, which is unfortunately a reality for many women today. We deliver truly person-centred support solutions that provide independence and happiness.

What Services Do

We Offer

Goddess Living Support Services accepts mental health customers who are preparing for discharge from an inpatient unit. As well as women with mental health conditions and vulnerable women who need intensive interventions but do not need to be admitted to hospital. Our transitional service is to support them as they prepare to return to living in the community. We currently have 12 beds available in a co-living, home-from-home environment, with 24 on-call support.