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Goddess Living
High Quality Independent Living Accommodation With Support for Females in the Black Country
Goddess Living
High Quality Independent Living Accommodation With Support for Females in the Black Country
Goddess Living
High Quality Independent Living Accommodation With Support for Females in the Black Country

We are a not-for-profit organisation, providing high quality accommodation with support for women aged 18+ years with support needs in the Wolverhampton and Black Country Area.   We help women with various needs including:

  • Mental Health
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Follow-on accommodation for those fleeing domestic abuse
  • Urgent short term accommodation needs

Find your way back to living the life you wanted

We’re all only one decision away from being in a vulnerable place. Sometimes you just need a safe and supportive environment to help you back on your feet and on the road to recovery.

Our focus is on an individual, person-centred approach to enhance the lives of women aged 18+ years and build their capabilities to ensure that they can live the most independent and fulfilling life possible.  We achieve this by providing:

  • High quality independent living accommodation
  • Support to stabilise health and well-being
  • Support to stay connected with family networks (where appropriate)
  • Ensure that the right benefits are being accessed or the most sustainable route back to work (where appropriate)
  • Multi-agency coordination
  • Support in securing affordable and sustainable follow-on accommodation (where required)

Customer Lead Support Planning

Providing effective customer lead, easy to understand support planning.
Helping women to choose the approach that they believe will work for them.
Goddess Living Care Services

Our Properties

Our properties are regularly maintained to a high standard and include:

  • Independent fire risk assessments that have been carried out on all of our properties and comply fully to the Decent Homes Standard, HHRHS, the relevant HMO legislation, amenity standards and health and safety compliance
  • Fully furnished to high quality standard (see virtual tour links below)
  • We liaise with and have a good, existing relationships with local Housing Options Teams, Domestic abuse charities, mental health and wellbeing charities and organisations, local probation teams and regional prison service,
  • We have appropriate insurance in place as well as a robust rapid assessment and referral processes
Goodless living Kitchen
Goddess Living Creative Care services

Our Services

Planned Pathway To a More Independent Living

We assist in finding suitable and affordable follow on accommodation and with their transision to fully independent living where possible.


We provide person-centred, responsive and flexible personal care and help with domestic tasks, attending appointments and enjoying leisure activities with a view to guiding them to own and solve their own problems where they are capable.

Preventing Crisis Escalation

We understand that escalating behavioural problems that lead to a crisis may be a way to communicate a need and express that something is wrong. Our aim is to identify the underlying behaviour to prevent and manage these problems.

Supported Co-Living

We have 4 shared houses which support 16 women in the Black Country area. We offer support ranging from medium to high intensive, 24/7 support as well as respite.

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The Core Values

That Drive Our Work

Goddess Living Creative Care Services Aims to Provide High-Quality, Person Centred Support That Affords People The Best Possible Quality Of Life.

People Can Recover

People can and do recover from mental ill health and lifestyle related issues with appropriate ongoing treatment and support, in their own way and live a meaningful life.

The Right To Exercise Control And Choice

We believe that everyone should have the right to access the right support and housing for their needs and exercise control and choice of how their housing, health and social care is received.

Make Decisions About Their Health

Everyone has the right to have their dignity as a human recognised and promoted and the right to be respected and be equal partners in decisions about their health and exercise real choice.

Our Goddess support staff work alongside the customer, to identify and remove barriers causing extended stays in hospital and prevent both short and long term readmission.

Our packages of care are designed for women to recover and stay well and live as independently as possible within our homes to ensure independence can be managed in the long term.  We also ensure the best network of health, social care and informal support is in place for our customers in the community.

We are staffed by a service manager and support staff who not only help women at the point of crisis, but reduce social isolation and support them to maintain their mental health.

Goddess Living Care Services

Goddess Living

“It’s not just about support, it’s celebrating women and having a successful life”